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[IP] I'm on my way to a pump

    Hi All,
    A couple of days ago I started on the MDI regimen of Novolog/Lantus. Right
now 28 units of Lantus at night and my ratio for the Novolog is 1:8.
    CDE said I could be Pumping in six weeks if everything goes okay with the
insurance. She told me they will definitely deny it the first time. She said
we will follow up with more info and convince them.
    My only concern now is that if I get good control on the MDI they will
flat out deny me.
    CDE asked me what my A1c was. I told her 8.1 tested in August of this
year. She asked me what it was before. Well, I haven't been tested in years
because of the insurance thing. For years I bought my insulin over-the-counter
and went out of state for syringes where I didn't need a prescription. So the
CDE told me I will probably have to get another A1c done maybe two before the
insurance company will relent.
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