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[IP] Re:Re: highs---help!!

In a message dated 9/5/02 email @ redacted writes:

<< My daughter has been experiencing highs for 3 days now. >>

Oh gosh, I have had some premenstrual times when highs were very hard (maybe 
impossible, as far as I could tell <gr.>) to control, as opposed to the 
regular pre times when raising the basal and increasing the the bolus/carb 
worked fine.  But my highs today I finally decided were because it was the 
end of the novolog bottle and I hadn't been using it up as fast as usual (at 
least till the last few days <gr.>).  Filling a new cartridge with the opened 
insulin didn't improve things at all (only brought my bg down a little), but 
opening a new bottle did.  I keep the opened bottle in a thermos, in the 
basement, but it has been awfully hot here this summer.  I am wondering, 
though, if novolog is more sensitive to this than humalog, with which I never 
had any trouble over 4 summers.

Yeah, it had probably been progressive, but I've been sick, as well as 
stressed, so there were just too many variables for me to notice that one 
<gr.>.  So I guess it is time for me to make sure I change the bottle on a 
schedule (at least in the summer).

Linda Z
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