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Re: [IP] basal tweeking

>First off, I tweek on my own all the time and I wouldn't have it any other 
>way. But more upsetting is this threat! I can't imagine anything more 
>infantalizing and disempowering. It should be your doctor's goal to 
>educate you to the point that you can do whatever you need to take care of 
>yourself. And who's freaking pump is it anyway? The pump no more belongs 
>to your doc than it does to the guy standing on the corner - he has no 
>right to take it, it's yours!

I also handle all my basal settings on my own.  When I see my endo, he asks 
what my current basals are so that he can write them in my folder for his 
records.  He's already told me that I probably know more about pumping than 
he does.  He pretty much gives me free rein with my pump, and if I have a 
problem, I usually consult with my CDE for assistance.  This works best for 
me.  YMMV.   If my endo ever even considered threatening to take my pump 
away, I would be looking for a new doctor asap...

Dx'd July, 1963 -- Pumping May 2000.
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