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[IP] Re: kidneys

About 5 years ago I went to my doctor for my yearly physical.  He told me I 
was spilling protein and would be on dialysis in a year.  Needless to say I 
was terrified.  Later that year I moved to Florida and for the first time in 
my life went to an endo.  He checked my kidneys and there was no spillage 
whatsoever!  He asked me if I had been taking Advil or Motrin before when the 
protein had showed up.  I had, on the recommendation  of my then doctor.  
Before I left Florida, a year in December, I had a 24 hour catch.  Nothing, 
all was well.  Needless to say since I have come back to Kentucky I have not 
gone to my doctor I had gone to for 20 years!
Hang in there Sherry and do as Jan tells you!

dx 3/63
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