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[IP] basal tweeking

>what ever you do do not adjust it yourself, for i have made the same
>mistake, i was no longer working so my bs went through the roof so i 
>that i would just change my basle rate untill i went back to see the doc.
>boy was i wrong when i went in to see him and tell him what i did he
>threatened to take my pump away from me if i ever did it again. As did 
>other doc.'s in the office. I learned my lesson never do it by yourself

First off, I tweek on my own all the time and I wouldn't have it any other 
way.  But more upsetting is this threat!  I can't imagine anything more 
infantalizing and disempowering.  It should be your doctor's goal to educate 
you to the point that you can do whatever you need to take care of yourself. 
  And who's freaking pump is it anyway?  The pump no more belongs to your 
doc than it does to the guy standing on the corner - he has no right to take 
it, it's yours!


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