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[IP] Re: Novalog and High BSg

I always have a vial of Humalin R to treat high BSg as I have not found 
Novalog or Humalog very reliable when having a bad day above 250 for example. 
 The Humalin R INJECTION  brings down the high BSg's over a nice smooth curve 
of sorts vs the pump..........I am a firm believer in using injections with 
pump therapy as  they enhance control in certain situations-  For example, I 
use my pump when traveling with a certain amount of injections throughout the 
day to battle the insulin resistance I get when under certains types of 
stress- Helps keep my sites in better shape vs saturating them high amounts 
of insulin.........not suggesting this for everyone, but it works very well 
for me-

Bryon age 39 diagnoised 3/76 last A1C 5.8 90% on pump, 10% on lantus/MI
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