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Re: [IP] IP] Can you please describe high and low blood sugar feelings, sy mptoms etc.?

When I get low I feel like I am in a cartoon. Nothing seems all that real to me. When I get low in the middle of the night I dream that I am low and that I am not going to wake which scares me and then I wake up. I asked my boyfriend when he knows that i am low and he says that I get a blank look on my face like I am confused about what is going on around me and I act like I am drunk.

Highs: My mom can smell it on my breath. She says it is a fruity smell. A sweet smell. Tummy aches are common as are headaches. It can be hard for a non-diabetic to tell the difference b/w a diabetic being sick or having high bg. Many times when I am high all I want to do is sleep.

After being high or low I get what I call a "hangover". I don't feel "normal" again for several hours. This is especially true after a really severe low or high.

Good luck!

 dx'd age 7 1988 pumping 1992-2000 and 8/2002
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