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I usually just lurk in the background reading a few emails here and there, 
BUT today I had to write to you all.  I'm not on the pump, but I joined this 
group because my son was showing an interest in getting one.  He went to the 
doctor, after one visit the doctor set him up with a "pump person", he's been 
to his "carb class" and tomorrow he is suppose to meet someone for his first 
initial pump instruction and hook up.  Today I came home to find this message 
on his "Away message" for his IM.
"Scared as hell and all everyone can say to me is you have to do it or the 
insurance company will be pi**ed, you a** you can eat whatever you want, stop 
I know it's a little cryptic, but that's how he talks.  I know I'm probably 
being a little too freaked out by this.  My son is 21 and recently has had 
problems with his girlfriend and I don't know if this is a continuation and 
everything will be fine tomorrow, but have any of you had second thoughts 
about getting the pump once you signed up for it.  I also will probably will 
hear from a few of you that he is 21 and let him be, but I have lived with 
the guilt of him having diabetes forever and you always want a happy and 
healthy life for your children.  It's just so disheartening to read this on 
my computer.  Lately he hasn't talked to me much, he never really was the 
talkative type.  Am I being too much of a over-protective mom here.  I can't 
talk to him right now because he has gone off to work and there is no way to 
contact him.  Can anyone please give me some feedback.  Thank you all so 
much.   Judy
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