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[IP] Re: highs---help!!

Hello all

My daughter has been experiencing highs for 3 days now. It all started with 
a no delivery alarm we got on Tuesday night, her bg was 400. Changed 
infusion set and insulin but things have just remained the same. Her bg4s 
are in the high 2004s and 3004s. Have raised basals, changed insulins, etc. 
She did get her period yesterday, so maybe this has something to do. It4s 
like she4s become insulin resistant.

Doctor will give her until tomorrow morning and if things arent better he 
says he will take her pump off for the weekend and do injections. She doesnt 
have ketones, thanks God.

Any help anyone, mothers of teens that have gone thru the same?


Mom of eileen, 14, pumping.

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