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[IP] IP] Basal tweaking

I disagree.  I would suggest not doing it by yourself until you've learned
how to do it really.  Don't make guesses with your healthcare, don't be
afraid to ask questions, don't wait for someone else to figure your patterns
out for you, take steps to educate yourself and use your healthcare team
whenever you're unsure about something, and even when you're sure, it never
hurts to double check!!!  But I disagree saying NEVER change your basals by
yourself! that's like saying never learn to take care of other things we've
all since learned you can do by yourself.  Never do something by yourself if
its risky, if you're uncertain, if there's a question, then just don't!
But, as you learn more, take pride in knowing that you know how to care for
yourself, too!!!   it is a blance i think!  YMMV of course!

<<<<what ever you do do not adjust it yourself, for i have made the same
mistake, i was no longer working so my bs went through the roof so i thought
that i would just change my basle rate untill i went back to see the doc.
boy was i wrong when i went in to see him and tell him what i did he
threatened to take my pump away from me if i ever did it again. As did three
other doc.'s in the office. I learned my lesson never do it by yourself 

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