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[IP] IP] Can you please describe high and low blood sugar feelings, sy mptoms etc.?


Also important to schools would be: What types of visual clues could they
observe that perhaps your child's levels are off and he should test:

Observing someone w/low bg: (keep in mind each time may be different, a
definite YMMV here)
sweaty, pale complexion
dialated pupils
inability to complete verbal phrases/sentences with ease
change in voice:  ie sudden stuttering, swearing, accent not normally
present, slurring, etc.

 I feel any of those things, I may also have a headache, feel extreme
hunger, weakness, dizziness, shakiness, anxiety, stress, etc.

For high bg's it's a little harder (at least for me) but observing:
pasty skin, sallow or yellowish tint (not really obvious unless you REALLY
know what the person normally looks like!!!)
extreme fatigue, thirst, need to urinate, hunger (unfortunately!)
kind of sick look about the skin
fruity breath (usually indicates ketones)
a nauseated feeling

for lows and recovery:  if its really really low, you will feel drained for
a long while (i usually feel better after a short nap if at all humanly
possible).  if its kinda low, after eating and bringing it up to normal
levels, I feel better after a few minutes.
for highs:  I think it varies for me!  sometimes sugars will drop right
away, then I feel better.  sometimes I feel crappy all day long because of
it.  i'm sure its a YMMV thing.

does your child treat their own high's and lows by themselves, or will they
need assistance?  i ask because if assistance is needed, be sure they know
the 1g of carb = approx. 5 bg pts.so if you need his bg to be 100 and it's
40, take 100-40, you get 60.  take 60 divide by 5 and you get: 12.  needs to
eat 12g's of carbs to get back up to 100 (in theory of course!!!!).  and
make sure they know the high correction factor for you child!

hope this helps!

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