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[IP] ? for the ladies

yes, i'm curious what to do with it in a dress as well.  I sometimes use a
padded bra, take the padding out of one side and put it in the other, and
put the pump in the side w/out all the padding.  It hugely increases their
size, but one looks kinda square no matter what!!!  I am an avid Latin
Dancer, and skimpy, tight clothes, and dresses are THE thing to wear.  I'm
contemplating just disconnecting and taking shots on those evenings.  For
the office, I do the bra thing 'cuz i don't suspect too many people are
checking out my varying shaped and angly chest anyway.  if they were, they
wouldn't comment to me about it anyway!~!! LOL!!!
One thing I've tried that kind of works is wearing a pair of bicycle shorts
under the dress and the elastic will hold it in place around the inner thigh
area.  you can definately see it in a tight dress, or when you're sitting or
when the wind blows your dress against you, but just standing or walking
indoors, it's pretty inconspicuous.  (Just make sure to use spandex and not
cotton strech, or you'll have the pump come sliding out the bottom...imagine
seeing someone walking and all of a sudden this THING on a cord comes
dangling out from the middle of the legs from the dress!!!! yikes!!!
minimed sells these elastic straps to wear around the waist and one for the
thigh...has a little pouch.  I use them for sleeping sometimes, but it just
slides down my thigh while walking no matter what I do!!!!! :)

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