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Re: [IP] kidney stones?

I don't have diabetes (my daughter does) so I can't
comment there, but I've had a few kidney stones (a
total of 5, in fact... 4 of them passed in one day, one
right after another, the largest of which was the size
of a large raisin, the others like bb's.) What you
describe sounds like a kidney stone to me. I'm assuming
the test you're taking is the IVP? I've had that done
twice. It isn't too bad (the prep for it sucks though).
It took 2mos for my stones to pass on their own, and
during that time I had unpredictable, recurring 6-8hr
bouts of spasmodic pain (childbirth wasn't even that
bad for me.) Needless to say, I stuck close to home
during those 2mos and wouldn't drive anywhere unless
absolutely necessary. The last stone I had, I didn't
even know I had one until it was on its way out (which
didn't really hurt as it was a small, bb size stone).
I've since had an IVP and KUB's and my kidneys are
clear. Hopefully they stay that way.

Ruth said:
Has anyone on this list had a kidney stone?

I havemild cramping/ back pain (feels like it's my
monthly cycle, but it's not),
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