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[IP] kidney stones?

I searched the IP archives but found nothing on kidney stones.  Last
month, my doctor found blood in my urine--she checked twice and I have
blood, but no infection (first thing they check for, supposedly).  On
Monday, I'll be having dye injected and they'll check for kidney stones. 
Both my parents have had kidney stones, so it could be a possibility.

Has anyone on this list had a kidney stone?  And, if so, did you
experience symptoms/ changes in blood sugar before the pain hits?  I have
mild cramping/ back pain (feels like it's my monthly cycle, but it's
not), and this past week I've had some major changes in my blood
sugar--generally, highs.  It could be that I don't even have a kidney
stone, but I'm not sure I want to continue down the progression of what
blood in the urine means if it's not an infection or a kidney stone.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ruth Stingley (dx 1975; pumping for 9 months)
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