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Re: [IP] glucowatch

We are, and hopefully soon. Our [military] peds endo is
waiting to write the rx until he and his colleague put
some criteria in place for prescribing them.Who knows
how long that will take because as he puts it, he has
to get his colleague (who outranks him and has veto
power - and doesn't always agree with him on things)
"on the same page". It has already been delayed because
they've both been in and out of the office all summer.
Our endo is also going to talk to the Medical Director
of the Lead Agent/MAMC of our insurance since he is
also a diabetes specialist (and he said in his response
to my letter that he is very famliar with the
GlucoWatch). I just want to try it and see if it will
help our situation (if it doesn't, it doesn't, but we
won't know unless we try). I'm sure I could have
another dr write me an rx for it but I won't do that -
I told him I would wait (>4mos now). All indications
thus far are that our insurance (TriCare) will cover
it, I just need the rx. :)

Robin asked:
Is anyone getting the glucowatch for their child?
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