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[IP] Re: IP] Arm Vs Fingers

Very clever idea Charlie, but it probably wouldn't work.  Although 
the blood circulation in the arm is a little slower than that in the 
fingers, it is  not that much slower.  You'd need  a difference that 
was greater than the normal variation in repeat BG measurements, and 
I don't think BG can change fast enough to detect.    But you don't 
have to listen to me.  Just do it a few times for yourself.  Let us 
know what you find.

<If the fingers have a faster bG change than the arm, then could/should one
<test in both places each time to determine if their reading is on  the rise
<or decline?  After all, when we get a reading from either spot now, we only
<have one data point and do know if it is going up or down.  Wouldn't knowing
<that influence you in deciding just how much to bolus and help get even
<better control?    Charlie
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