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[IP] pump vs readings

charlie wrote:
> I keep wondering if it is the pump whichimproves peoples' A1Cs 
> or the fact that they now test a whole lot more thanbefore 

in my opinion, the answer to that is obvious.  A mechanical device can not 
improve your A1c.  it is the human operator behind it.  Case in point. I have 
been on the pump for almost 10 years and for 9 of those years, I had 
relatively decent A1cs, not perfect, but then I don't aim for perfection, it 
is too impossible.  This LAST year, I slacked off CONSIDERABLY on testing and 
logging and boluing in general...same pump...worser A1c numbers.

The 20% improvement in my A1C over the last 6 weeks is DIRECTLY related to 
the fact that i am testing and logging and bolusing more appropriately...not 
because I am using a new pump or a new meter or anythign else...I get the 
credit  - not the pump.

The ONLY way to improve A1c if that is your goal, is to test frequently and 
correct as needed, and it is MOST certainly doable on injections.  I know 
MANY people on lantus/Humalog who have much better A1cs than I do....

The pump just makes it "easier" and more convenient to fix highs, in the 
syringe days, I might not have been as motivated to poke a  hole in my skin 
for just 1.5 units...now I can do it with a push of a button...

Sara SP
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