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[IP] Stupid (?) pump questions


1.  There are NO stupid pump questions (just the ones we don't ask).
2.  You do NOT have to give up any part of your life that gives you
pleasure, in fact, pleasureful things should increase in your life with a
3.  You can certainly disconnect from a pump for an hour.  You will need to
learn your patterns to determine if you need to bolus right before
disconnecting, or immediately upon reconnecting, or if you'll be o.k. just
reconnecting...you'll figure that out by trial and error and testing bgs
4.  romantic interludes:  you don't even know its there, trust me.
sometimes you tug the cord accidentally.  you can always disconnect if the
thought of having a weighted tail sticking out of you bugs you....then it's
really not an issue.
the guideline i know is not to stay disconnected for more than one hour on a
regular basis.  i'm sure you can learn what your individual needs are.

Why don't you see an endocrinologist instead of a general practitioner?
it's like taking a jag for repairs to a used car dealer's mechanic....they
lack the knowledge and skills to do a good job with it!

just my opinions, of course!!!


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