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[IP] Re: Sherry C's kidneys

Hi Sherry,
I had an interesting experience with regard to lab testing for kidney 
function that you may want to consider.
Last summer, one lab test showed protein in my urine and my doctor at the 
time took that to mean I was in the early stages of kidney disease. A second 
lab test in the fall showed a normal result and my doctor happily informed me 
the "kidney disease had reversed." The experience is basically the reason I'm 
I switched doctors shorty after starting on the pump in January and gathered 
my previous lab work for her. I spoke to her about my concerns for my 
kidneys. She said the lab work I had had was not proof that I had kidney 
disease. She said more tests were needed. She also said my health history 
suggests the lab test results probably were not due to kidney disease. 
I have had diabetes for 10 years and most of the time had excellent control. 
The two years before were more like good to moderate, but never awful.
My doctor said other factors can cause microalbuminaria to show up such as 
exercise or diet on that day.
She said something like three tests in a row must show microalbuminaria in 
order for a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis of kidney disease. She also 
said 24-hr. urine tests are antiquated and that she can get the same 
information from one urine sample.
I have read of other experiences from people on this list with kidney 
problems and I know all of them suggest seeing a nephrologist (kidney 
specialist). That would be my suggestion.
It seems to me that you may or may not have kidney disease. You need someone 
very capable to help make a definite determination.
Best of luck.
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 9/5/02 7:00:09 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< my albumin was 660.8 when normal is 0-29!!!  I'm not even exactly sure 
what this means. He started me on an ace
inhibitor called Mavik (?). The doc said he will see me again in 3-4 months 
and we will redo the blood tests and maybe do a 24 hour
urine test (which I've never successfully done since my water broke in the 
middle of the last one and a c-section isn't conductive to
bottling one's own urine).
I have a lot of questions.  I need to do more research about this, but 
bascially--what exactly is happening to the old kidneys?  Should
I stop drinking diet colas and only drink water? (The doc smiled and said I 
didn't have to) Why IS protein being spilled? Am I on the
road to serious problems? I'm only entering year 17 of being diabetic. >>
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