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[IP] frightening experience

Perhaps you are not insulin resistant but your early morning basal rate is
set too low.  once your bg is high, you become temporarily insulin
resistant, that is a fact.  there are formulas to learn to help give you
guidelines to lower your bg w/out crashing later.  do you check for ketones
before bolusing?  this, too, can have a HUGE impact on what you need to do
to safely lower your bg.  write me off-line if you wish if you need more

yes, see a new endo if they do not have any new ideas or suggestions and
just give you funny looks!!!!!!

<<<<Yes it has happened tome ! I went to bed with a 141 bs and woke up with
a a 497. The struggle is to get it down takes all day, i also take a manual
injection and change my site, and then six hours later my bs starts
craashing, I get scared because it has been happening alot and my doctor
gives me a look as if to say "how many candy bars did you eat?" I am
struggling alone with this situation, I think I have become very insulin
resistant. I want to find a new Endo. Good Luck it is a game of guess work
and trial and error. 

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