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Re: [IP] Can you please describe high and low blood sugar feelings, symptoms etc.?

 >. . .Would you be so kind to list and or explain how you >feel with these
two conditions, as well as how long it >takes until you start to feel clear
and well?. . .

    I feel some of the symptoms of the common cold when I get really high,
muscle aches, tired. It doesn't feel any better until I go back down.
    When I start to get low I used to feel a tingling in my lips and then
start to see yellow spots in my field of vision. Recently I have been
getting chest pains like I am having a heart attack. I start to tremble and
also feel a whooshing in my head sometimes like I am going to pass out. I
have never passed out, but have felt like it before. After my BG starts to
climb I get very cold and very tired. It sometimes takes 3 or more hours for
me to fully recover. Sometimes it only takes 20 minutes.
    My Dex meter read 22 once, but I was still coherent. However, I have had
a couple of lows when I was working a really physically demanding job in
Virginia that made me fee like I could understand the universe and possibly
the nature of God. It was really freaky! I actually wanted to go lower to
find the answers to the mysteries <grin> Fortunately my wife rescued me.
    Maybe you should inform those in charge to look for any odd behavior,
but approach your child without embarrassment by talking to him away from
the others. I know I probably wouldn't want someone to ask me if I am having
a low any time I start to act a little strange in front of others. This has
actually happened on occasion. Especially if I found something to be
inordinately funny where others just giggled. I'd get, "Oh, you must be
starting to have a low."
    My symptoms of being high have remained the same for 11 years, but my
symptoms of lows have changed. Sometimes rapidly. So, I think maybe those in
charge of children need to know them first, and then be sensitive to subtle
changes, then test BG. Better safe than sorry.
     Cody S. Alderson
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