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Re: [IP] Jan? question for the veterans

Well here we get back to insensitive and stupid statements people make about diabetes.  Maybe the guy was just being realistic.  My daughter's doctor said (32 years ago) a cure is right around the corner.  Some corner!  Is this kind of positive statement any better?  It gives you false hope.  Yes, we have had major improvement in managing diabetes over the last 20 - 30 years - but no cure yet!  This statement reminds me of when my g-daughter was dx'd 9-15-01 - her mother (my daughter) was standing behind my g-daughter's hospital bed so her daughter couldn't see the tears rolling down my daughter's cheeks because of the diagnosis of a disease my daughter  knew all too well about having lived with it herself all her life - - and the nurse came in and said "Why's Mommy Crying".  This upset my g-daughter even more that she already was.  Or the ER doctor that day that damn near REFUSED to check my g-daughter for diabetes - even tho my daughter TOLD him she suspected diabetes and to do the test.  He finally did and told the nurse later "I'm glad I listened to the mom".  The nurse told my daughter this.  I won't even go into all the problems my daughter's had with the school system - which is why she's homeschooling - but you all know the problems - I don't have to tell you.  Anyway, if it were up to me - which it isn't because I'm just the grandmother - I'd be doing some major suing of someone - there's causes for action certainly against the school system - I'm more angry than my daughter about this dreadful disease.  But my daughter doesn't have time for suing anyone - she's taking care of her own diabetes, a 7 yo daughter with diabetes and a mild (thank god) form of cerebral palsy - and two other children - plus homeschooling two of them.  Oh, well - I have to choose my battles wisely I guess.  Yes, stupid comments abound!  

Tammy, mom to Joely, dx'd 1970; g-ma to Emma, dx'd 2001; both pumping 7-18-02

In a message dated Wed, 04 Sep 2002 16:30:54 +0000, email @ redacted writes:

> >The dr. at dx said, "Lots of things will come along in your lifetime
> >to help diabetics, but nothing will ever help you." He was the doctor and
> >knew wayyyyy more than this kid, so why wouldn't I believe 
> him? I've growed
> >up (somewhat) lol and have a mind of my own now. (~_^)
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