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Re: [IP] Basal tweaking

George wrote: <<Good diabetes control is always a "team effort"....>>

I agree.

I am a Kaiser member.  I have a primary care physician, an Endo, a
podiatrist, an opthalmologist, a CDE...and NONE communicate with one
another!  I have one HUGE file...yet when I go in to be seen...it is up
to me to participate in my own health care!

One thing I have learned in the past 45 years maturing as a Type I
Diabetic is to speak up on my own behalf!

This week I was seen by my primary care Dr..
She told me I had the best A1c of any of her diabetic patients. I
immediately asked her "Are they on a pump?"   Her reply was "no" and I
immediately told her that my A1c would NOT be 6.0 without the pump!!!

Did she prescribe the pump for me?  NO
Did the podiatrist?  In a round-about way...YES...as he suggested I
contact a certain CDE.
Did the CDE work on my behalf? YES...without her going straight to the
head of Endocrinology after one Endo told her NO PUMP...
Did the CDE and I work in "team effort"?  YES

After the CDE told me that it was certain food I was eating "pre-pump"
that caused high bg...I ate the SAME FOOD at the same time every day for
a week....I had both lows and highs and none were the same day-to-day.
This was when she said, "You need a pump".  <VBG>

Becky LaSpina
IDDM - 1957  MM507c  12/98
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