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[IP] ? for the ladies

Every day with every outfit, I tuck my pump front and center under my
bra. I purchased newborn size, terry cloth socks (form Walmart, don't we
all love Walmart) and slide one on the pump to absorb moisture (sweat).
To use the buttons, I just pull it out from under my shirt. Even with a
dress, I just pull it out the top of the dress, usually not with an
audience. I have run into maybe one dress that the neck came to high to
do that so just excuse myself for a moment, if the situation and the
company allows, just turn my back to them and slip it out the bottom.
This has worked great for me. With the baby sock, I don't use the clip or
the case, in case that wasn't clear at first. Anyway, I am "blessed"
enough that even with a fairly tight t-shirt, you can't tell it's there.
YMMV ha!  P.S. I don't ever wear underwires.

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