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Re: [IP] Basal tweeking

cinderella22 said...doctor went through the roof and threatened to take my 
pump away......unless your doc paid for that pump you are wearing he has no 
right to even suggest that he can take it away from you.  NO doctor has that 
right.  As for changing your basal rates on your own...ecuse me...my son, now 
age 10.5 and pumping for 2.5 years now has had ME, his mom, change all his 
basal rates.. Granted, in the very beginning, like the first month maybe, we 
were in constant contact with our endo (no CDEs or other trainers available 
to us here where we live) and he helped us figure out what was what.  But 
after that it was ME who did all the changes.  I was th eone living with my 
son 24/7, NOt the doctor, and the same goes for you.  Once you get the basics 
down of how things work with your pump it should be quite easy for you to 
figure out how to fine tune those basals.  It also helps to utilize the book, 
Pumping Insulin by John Walsh (3rd Edition)- as a great resource to help you 
figure out EVERYTHING you need to know.  Sounds like your doctors need a 
reality check that they are no longer considered gurus in life.  You know 
yourself and this disease better than they will ever even dream of knowing!!!

Shutting up now.  Thanks for letting me VENT!!!

mom to Joshua
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