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Re: [IP] Basal tweeking

On 9/4/02 7:53 PM, "Patrick G. Jobe" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>> what ever you do do not adjust it yourself, for i have made the same mistake,
>> i was no longer working so my bs went through the roof so i thought that i
>> would just change my basle rate untill i went back to see the doc. boy was i
>> wrong when i went in to see him and tell him what i did he threatened to take
>> my pump away from me if i ever did it again. As did three other doc.'s in the
>> office. I learned my lesson never do it by yourself
> Boy do I disagree with this advice. I'm responsible for my treatment and
> control while my doctor is a knowledgeable and expert advisor.
> Pat
Well, I agree and disagree!     :>)         Those that are experienced with
pumping are quite capable of making adjustments to their basals.  AND they
should advise their medical team if Major changes are made.   A change of
0.1 unit can make a big difference so you must be cautious about making
changes and follow up with testing to see how that has affected you.   My
Endo doesn't micro-manage things, he trusts me to do that.  But when I go in
for check-ups, I do advise him of major changes I've made and what results
it has brought.   Good diabetes control is always a "team effort".   Your
Doc can coach the team, but what "play" the quarterback actually runs is up
to you.

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