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[IP] RE: Luer Neck Problem (Sara)

What has been happening is that the reservoir is rattling something awful when
I walk.  Now I dont think you are supposed to hear the reservoir moving back
and forth in the pump, but that is what it is doing.

Also the door flew open once all on its own, but have not figured out exactly

Anyway, my question to the MM rep is how floppy is that piece supposed to be?
of course if the entire reservoir is shaky, then you have a real problem.
Hopefully the back arms are tight enough that you wont lose insulin.  That
said, they still suggested to me that a revision was made to the luer neck
lever so that it would lock better around the reservoir.  MM also suggested
that sometimes these parts are not as tight as they should be, which causes
the whole reservoir to rattle whenever you move.

I would assume the reason they put the part in in the first place was to help
hold the reservoir in, and so if it has no holding power whatsoever, then
something isn't right.
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