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[IP] tangible value

every so often I try to remind myself why i waste so much time on 
line....besides the many real life friends i have made here on IP, there is 
another more personal reason.

As you know, I have been pretty quiet the last year, and only in the last 4-5 
weeks have been back to being as vocal and smart mouthed as I used to be..  
Since last fall, i have not cared about diabetes much - there is soo much 
more to worry about in the short term....I did not write in cuz I felt i 
couldn't offer suggestions or help, if I wasn't living my words....i would be 
a total hypocrite to tell someone to bolus more conservatively for a high 
when in fact i was just doing a WAG (wild ass guess) my own self.

So, I was not overly surprised to watch my A1c climb over the last year, 
reaching an almost 10 year high in mid July (worst since I went on teh pump), 
and NO I am not going to tell you what it was).  In shock, I whapped myself 
upside the head, and started logging daily, testing 10-12 times a day, and 
reading IP daily , and writing in....and I am happy to say that in  6 weeks, 
my A1c is down TWENTY percent!  20%  and NO I am not going to tell you what 
it is, cuz I can't STAND it when people "compare" their A1Cs to some one 
else....suffice it to say I am in the well controlled range....

so, thank you IP.  I know my donation dollars are worth while when I see the 
writing on the laboratory wall like this

Sara Smarty pants AZ
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