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Re: [IP] dot to dot fingers

> Peggy wrote:
> > I am surprised that all "intensive therapy" folks (testing 8 -12 times a
> > day)
> > haven't switched to the meters that allow you to test on your arm.
> >
> > Why not?
> I thought I had read that the test results may not be as accurate.

"Accuracy" is not the issue. Both methods use the same technology, the same
meters and measure the same matrix with the same interferences. The accuracy
is essentially the same.

The issue is the interpretation of the results. Because of the differences
in blood circulation the glucose level in the blood from the arm does not
change as rapidly as that from the finger. Therefore if your glucose level
is rapidly changing the numbers from the two different sites may not match.
Most of us are experienced with interpreting how we feel, the finger tip BG
level and the state we are in. That interpretation may be different with the
BG level measured from the arm. This can be a particular problem if you are
at all hypoglycemic unaware.

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