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[IP] luer neck

maybe i am missing something, but what is the deal with a "loose" luer neck 
being a problem?  it is not the little silver thing that is supposed to hold 
the reservoir steady all on its own.  Once teh little arms are down, and the 
silver thing at the neck is down and the door is click shut, it really IS in 
there, isn't it?  my silver thingie has always been relatively loose, even on 
my brand spanking new 508....I guess if I lifted the door and jiggled teh 
reservoir i might see some rocking, but then if I drove 95 mph,  i might get 
a ticket, too...if i pick at a scab it might bleed....etc...why not just shut 
the door and leave it alone?  that has worked just fine for almost 10 years 
with my various minimed pumps....

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