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Re: [IP] Can you please describe high and low blood sugar feelings, symptoms ...

Shaky, confused, incoherent, can't walk straight, and all this while your 
still conscious.  If you get too low, you pass out and must be given 
glucagon. Let them know police officers are trained to check for diabetes if 
they come across a person who they think is intoxicated because that's how a 
diabetic having a low can act.  This should get their attention.  Good Luck!  
PS - and tell them they better make sure a low doesn't happen to your child 
because as someone else on the list said earlier today - "it's not a pretty 
sight".  Tammy   

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email @ redacted writes:

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> Hi, I have a 504 meeting tomorrow with my son's teachers.  I'd like to 
> provide detailed descriptions of how one feels with high and low blood 
> glucose levels.  Would you be so kind to list and or explain how you feel 
> with these two conditions, as well as how long it takes until you start to 
> feel clear and well?  Thank you so much.
> Ellen
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