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[IP] High and Low Blood Sugar "Feelings"

<PRE>Over the years I've found different diabetics have different 'feelings'' - 
High blood sugars sapped by energy, felt as if I had the flu.  Low blood 
sugars drained my complexion (I'm caucasian with brown hair)- those that knew 
me could look and would mention I was going through my vampire thing.  
Serious low blood sugars I go clammy and look as if I just came out of the 
swimming pool - with all my close on.  For self awareness, the only 
comparison I had was that I felt as if I had just had an electrical shock 
(I'm an electrical engineer and have been a electric arc welder)- but instead 
of instant, it was a slow gradual feeling.  What someone suggested is that I 
suggest if people didn't relate to that was to give them a fresh 9 volt 
transistor battery and have them short the 2 contacts with their tongue - it 
is an electrical shock but is not something I reccomend as a good example. - 
Bob Nnn
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