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Re: [IP] dot to dot fingers

Must be a YMMV thing - my arms will not bleed with just the stick of a 
lancet. I had a Lifescan rep helping me at one point with the clear cap for 
the lancet device, and even then could not get even 1/10th the amount of 
blood needed for the Ultra. Its wierd to stare at a little lancet hole in 
your arm - with no blood coming out! I wish I could get it to work. So for 
now, I poke my poor little fingers 8-10 times a day.

Does anyone else personify their fingers?
(Pinky:"not me I gave at Breakfast"
Me to ring finger: "just because you won't bleed after the first two sticks, 
doesn't mean you'll get out of it!")

Type 1 7 years, pumping 3 months with Buzz the Paradigm

>I am surprised that all "intensive therapy" folks (testing 8 -12 times a
>haven't switched to the meters that allow you to test on your arm.
>Why not?

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