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Re: [IP] question for the veterans

>> I think most people today don't realize we did not adjust insulin dose's
whether we were 4+ orange or not.  <snip> Roger C >>>

We daily took our one shot of mixed insulin and somewhere in the early '80s
endo sometimes would have us take a *coverage* shot of Regular to bring a
300 down. I started testing in '82 so that may be how I got the #. Another
lady would end up in the ER doing that and I'd often crash as a result. It
was something like 10-20u. Then I read in Diabetes Forecast when taking a
coverage shot, eat a snack of a half cheese sandwich and glass of milk with
the shot so when you came down, the food would offset it. Made sense and
that was what I did.

In the mid '70s I had an internist who didn't like my lab test, so upped my
Regular amount (mixed w/NPH) from 10u a day to 20. I CRASHED big time and it
upset me so that I went back to the 10. I dunno why I didn't then do the
2u-at-a-time upping that my first internist had me do. I wasn't into
*doctoring* myself back then. I have Dr. 'Net now to cheer me on and give me
courage. (~_^)

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