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[IP] Re: dot to dot fingers

> From: peggy a oberg <email @ redacted>
> I am surprised that all "intensive therapy" folks (testing 8 -12 times a
> day)
> haven't switched to the meters that allow you to test on your arm.
> Why not?
<snip> Really, I want to know, why not?

In my case - and this list stresses YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) - I get
awful bruises with pokes on my arm. I was in the Bayer study for the
Vaculance and the resulting bruise was verrrrrrry dark. The tech told me at
the follow-up a week later, "Oh, you should see some of them!" But, we were
talking MY arm - not the tech's who wasn't sporting a bruise!! A few months
ago the SofTac lady did a test on my arm and the blood wouldn't come so she
redid it. Still none. For me, I have no problems with doing finger sticks -
have for 20 yrs.

I now have a verrrrrrrrrrrrry bruised arm from dialysis and they said my arm
will never be beautiful again - HA! (it never was) (~_^)

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