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[IP] Re: The ol' shirt idea....

> We are in the  business.  From over 20 years experience, simplicity is
> best----how about, simply,
>       www.insulin-pumpers.org
>  <snip>  If one of us saw it on someone else, we would KNOW and go right
> to them with a cheer!!!

And an unknown to the website might secretely write it down and look it up
at home. ;)  I really doubt that of the approx 300m people in the USA (plus
Canada) that 4,000 members of IP, with not all buying a T-shirt, we'd often
come across a fellow member who knows about our IP group.

Isn't Michael working on a list for us to vote on? Majority should rule.
Maybe ending with two or three choices if the vote is very close. Some may
want to wear more than one variety at diff. times. (~_^)

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