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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #583

Spot said:
>That is male bovine excrement. 

I respond:
I wondered what the smell was when I left his office!

>you probably tramatized the superficial peroneal 

That is what my research tells me since I left his
office (thank g-d for the internet!! and anatomy class

>Diabetes often selects this nerve as well as its
> partner to damage first because they course the 
>longest from the spinal cord to their termination.

Thank you - I hadn't been able to find any research
other than the statement to look for IDDM as a
non-trauma cause of the nerve damage.

> At 
> 42 you are not entering old age. I'm 65 and I would 
> take offense at a comment like that. diabetes does
> lots of damage to the body causing in some degree 
> premature aging of the body so what, athletes screw 
> up their knees, elbows and shoulders. we dont
> call them aged. At 42 you are still in my eyes, a 
> kid.

But, then again, I'm 42 AND an athlete AND Type1 x30
years - does the exponential rule work here??? :-)

Thanks for your help with answers.  Indeed I could
have whacked the side of my knee with my tennis
racquet and never thought about it until my knee
started behaving strangely.  Not sure what else I can
do right now except wait a bit longer to see what
happens.  OR I can keep looking for a new
endocrinologist and see what he/she says!

Thanks for giving me some real information to work

-gail in denver
dx'd 02/14/72 T1, pumping since 1985-ish.

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