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[IP] question for the veterans

> Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 17:36:34 +0000
> From: "jspock @shore.net" <email @ redacted>
>  When I was first DX'ed in 1977, I did urine testing with Clinitest
> I don't remember how long I used them for but it wasn't very long.
> I don't think the Clinitest was accurate at all.  My A1C's have never been
> lower than 10 in my life, but every test I did came out blue, no matter
> what.  Keytone tablets and strips never show anything either, even when I
> *know* I have ketones.

When I used Clinitest in the 1950's most of my tests were orange indicating
high urine sugars.  When I passed out from a hypo at Camp Banting (near
Ottawa, Canada) I still read ORANGE!!  The other kids were often BLUE  and
only later did I find out the trick: 15 drops of water instead of urine and
water!  No, urine testing didn't work and yet doctors insisted on diabetics
testing anyway. Worse, they used the inaccurate results to determine my
insulin dosages of Globin and PZI .

When my cat developed diabetes shortly after I started pumping, her vet had
me test her urine with  Diastix.  Orange always!!! Also she didn't like her
privacy invaded and learned to pee on the rug instead of in her box. I soon
gave up on urine testing, removed the rugs, got her a larger litter box and
just watched how much litter she used and if the clumps were sticky. I upped
her insulin if that happened. (She's on two shots of Beef  PZI a day) No way
will I test her blood sugar! It stresses her so much that her bg climbs into
the 600s. If her weight is stable aand she feels fine, that's enough for me.
Out of curiosity I tested my own urine with the Diastix :  NEGATIVE!   I
grinned from ear to ear before tossing the Diastix in the garbage can.

Oh and another thing!  Never touch the sides of a diabetic cat's litter box
without imediately washing you hands. I forgot ONCE and had to test
immediately because I felt hypo.  Now I wonder why my BG read in the
300's!!!! (VBG).

Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
Animas R1000
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