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[IP] Re: low-protein diet for kidneys

> <snip> I keep hearing that
> protein is hard on kidneys.  I have accute renal failure and my
> (who is a vegetarian) has told me that if I prefer to eat meat then this
> fine. <snip>
> Chris

About 10 yrs ago my kidney function was at 50% and my endo put me on a
low-protein diet. It was, for my size/weight, 51g a day. More label
awareness cuz meant count every gram in bread (some have 2, some 3-5), green
beans (etc.) - and milk, besides the meat. I was instructed to use Carnation
liquid Coffee Mate (UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH)!!! I hated that diet with a passion. In
the year and a half I was on it I lost an additional 15% function. That was
when I requested to see a nephrologist. He said, first visit, "Get off that
low-protein diet." He had studied with the doctor who researches the rats
and he said it works on rats but humans aren't rats.

It took another 8 years to lose 23%. That's quite a difference from 15% in a
yr & 1/2 to 23% in 8 yrs. Neph had other concentrated efforts to slow my
digression down other than that awful diet. Like an endo should be trained
well in DM over what a GP or PCP does, a kidneyologist has concentrated
studies in kidneys.

Another thing, I was taught that once the kidney function gets to a certain
point (?), they do not recover back to full function, it continues downhill.
I don't recall (Hillary Syndrome) *when* I was at 80%, but do recall that
number - at least 20 yrs ago. When I was dx'd in '50 I was given a death
sentence, knowing I would not ever reach 35 - *my* chosen, ripe old age. LOL
I knew if I continued living something other than DM would do me in, like
kidneys, heart, etc. I told hugsband when the time came to take me to get my
*other* leg cut off, drive in front of a semi. I didn't want to live in that
condition. When I got my first pump in '83 the selling point for that
monster was to help my severe neuropathy. PTL I have very good function now
in my feet.

In the back of my mind, and front also, I have expected to be on dialysis at
some point. Therefore, dialysis has been no surprise to me, but I HATE it.
Some people believe kidneys hate protein and love water. Flooding the system
with water only stresses already-damaged kidneys. If you're thirsty, drink
something - but not dark colas. Don't overdo. (~_!)

\(/ Jan (63 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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