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[IP] control solutions considered harmful (Apologies to Dykstra)

> How many of you actually use the control solution for your glucose meters
> as often as the manufacturer suggests?  (once a week for Lifescan
> I think, and EVERY TIME a new vial is opened).

Ohmigod, I'm busted now!  What a bad pumpmama I am!  But I'm gonna come
because I bet (I HOPE!) I'm not the only person out there who (dare I say
NEVER uses control solutions . . . I think we actually did have control
solution for the first meter Katie got when she was diagnosed but that was
MANY meters ago . . .
Meters don't even seem come with control solution anymore when we get them
new and the pharmacy doesn't have them in stock . . . I guess I could order
them online somewhere . . . oh well, I'm sure a thousand bad things could
happen because we don't use control solution -- but sheesh, we're supposed
use it with every newly open vial ?!?!?! With Katie testing 8-12 times a
that means we'd be using control solution every 2-3 days!!! I suppose I
should say that I'm going to mend my ways, but on this one, until I hear
enough good reasons why I should -- I doubt I will . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
- ----------------------------------------------------------
I would use them if they said what the exact amount of glucose was in the
solution. Instead they give a range which allows for tolerances in the
timing circuit in the meter. I have a little flock op meters here and if a
result looked like bs, I'd use another meter.I never use it for anything if
the meter passes its timing check when you turn it on, its ready to use. The
control solution and the admonition to use it is probably an FDA requirement
to get certification so the meter can be sold. I made my own control soution
in our lab to test my meter and a couple of the techs who were diabetic and
worked here.My glucometer Elite was "dead on balls accurate" my fast take
was also. my Fast Take was within 0.1% of the solution, a negligable error.
The fast take will also give a numerical answer instead of high on a control
solution of  611 mg%. I use the fast take because it has a wider range of
readings Control solutions are hamful because they are expensive and a
stupid waste of hard earned money.  I never use them., spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
goverment  passes stupid regulations so they can be broken or just ignored!
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