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[IP] Old denvergail

I saw my MD last week.  He took an x-ray which ruled
out a tumor.  His dx is "old age" and "time will
heal".  WHAT??? - I'm only 41 (almost 42).

Any ideas anyone?  (let us not forget I'm shopping for
a new endocrinologist/PCP).

- -gail

That is male bovine excrement. you probably tramatized the superficial
peroneal nerve. The tumor idea was stupid and irrational. If he remembered
his anatomy he wouyld recall the superficial peroneal nerve subserves
sensatuion over the lateral surface of the leg. Diabetes often selects this
nerve as well as its patner to damage first because they course the longest
from the spinal cord to their termination. At 42 you are not entering old
age. I'm 65 and I would take offense at a comment like that. diabetes does
lots of damage to the body causing in some degree premature aging of the
body so what, athletes screw up their knees, elbows and shoulders. we dont
call them aged. At 42 you are still in my eyes, a kid. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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