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Re: [IP] question for the veterans.

On Wed, 04 Sep 2002 01:09:54 -0400, bassem wrote:
>  tom, i see that you've been diabetic for 60 yrs now...i think ive asked you
>this before, but how long were you doing urine strip testing for??  (yrs) and
>how accurate do you think this test was in telling you a reading of your
>glucose levels.. 
> after all this time, have you developed any complications?

First, it's not 60 years yet! I was dx in December 1942, so it's still 3
months away. And, as I have indicated to the IP list previously, I am
throwing a party on Sat. January 11 in Phoenix, AZ. All registered members
of the IP list are invited. Send me a private email with your snail mail
address and I will put you on my list of people to receive an invitation
with details about the party location and time. Please do not use the IP
list for this purpose. (The party will not be in December, simply because
there are too many conflicting events in December.) I am preparing a booklet
with all kinds of things that I recall from the past 60 years of surviving
from Type 1 diabetes.

When did urine strip testing start? My guess is that it was mid or late
1960s, so my answer to your question is approximately 15-20 years. Of course
there were the test tube tests for 20-25 years before the start of urine

Before I began home BG testing, about 1982, I really had no appreciation of
the significance of BG test results, so as far as I was concerned I never
thought about relative accuracy or inaccuracy of the urine tests. I knew
that the urine tests really didn't tell me very much, but I didn't know
anything about what I was trying to get an estimate of. The BG test at the
doctor's office every three months told me nothing.

As far as complications are concerned, I think I have been more fortunate
than most. I have background retinopathy, which never required laser
treatment. I have glaucoma, which did require laser treatment, and which
still requires daily eyedrops. I don't seem to have any problems with
neuropathy. Until 3 months ago I had no problems with blood pressure or
kidneys, but am now taking an ACE inhibitor.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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