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Re: [IP] Dot to Dot finger tips

> In a message dated 9/3/2002 7:44:25 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> > My finger tips always look terrible!!!!!!!  
> I could stand how chewed up Katie's fingers started looking once she
> started pumping and testing so freqiently.  The only thing that
> improved my daughters finger tips was changing her lancets
> frequently (once or twice a day without fail -- she tests 8-12 x a
> day -- usually 10) and using a lancet device with a variable depth
> setting on the lowest depth that got enough blood for her One Touch
> Ultra without having to "milk" her finger too much (in her case, she
> prefers the "sof-clix" lancet from accu-chek).

Depends a lot on which lancets you use. Some are larger than others. 
Lily has been using the B&D ultra-fines for years and  all 
she has is very slight callousing - also she refuses to tell me how 
often she changes the lancets -- I think she's used maybe 2 boxes 
or so in 8 years.
email @ redacted
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