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Re: [IP] The beat goes on


If the pump allows for better control, I don't see the purpose in getting 
under better control before being "allowed" to pump. 

As for eating, I will confess that I have been following a "modified 
low-carb" diet. That was done on consultation with my dietitian. Five days a 
week, I eat meat, fruits and veggies (no starches). The other two days, 
anything goes. Low-carb doesn't have to mean high fat and protein. I eat a 
lot of veggies and some fruit and my protein is mostly chicken and fish. My 
numbers on the days that I eat low-carb are awesome (darned near flat!) and I 
don't feel deprived because I know I'll be having pasta or whatever else I 
want on my "off" days. 

Jan and Elvis

In a message dated 9/4/02 8:34:46 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< She would like for me
 to get my average BGs down to 160 (from 300) before I see an endo about a
 pump.  Smelling a rat, I  told her I could work on it, but I didn't want to
 hear, "You're doing so well on your MDI that you don't need a pump."  She
 agreed not to do that.
 Then we got to diet.  Both she and PI agree that a diet of 40% carbs is
 ideal.  I'm still not completly sold on this idea.   I keep hearing that
 protein is hard on kidneys. >>
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