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[IP] Ice Cream


J hughey wrote <I *presume* you meant 12g *carbs* per cup - or was it fat? 
If carbs, check
the regular and it's about 13-15 carbs per half cup. Isn't that much
difference. I go for the real stuff. Tastes better. YMMV>

The Kroeger no sugar added ice cream IS real stuff although it's true many 
prefer the higher fat brands.  And you're right, I was talking about carbs 
NOT fat.  The Kroeger brand is a moderate fat ice cream - about 5 grams per 
half cup.  I know there are lots of people who can stop at 1/2 cup and many 
who can live without ice cream - unfortunately I'm not one of them.  If I 
eat a cup (or two) of ice cream, the high fat brands slow down your 
digestion of the carbs and can cause blood sugar lows.  Of course if you eat 
the candied kinds (of ice crean), that are sky high in sugar, you might not 
have any problems with lows.  Alternately, you could give up your diabetes, 
go off the IP and go to work for B & J in Vermont.  Just a thought.


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