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Re: [IP] The beat goes on

> We got to talking about milk products.  I can drink it without problems, I
> just don't ordinarily do it.  She recommended that  I try fat free, sugar
> free ice cream.  Then added, "if it tastes good, you probably shouldn't be
> eating it."

now that's just silly.  lots of things taste good, even the healthy stuff.
and we all know that some of the less healthy stuff is ok, in moderation,
once in a while.

as for that fat free, no sugar added ice cream, i say bleah!
we've got chapman's no sugar added ice cream up here, sweetened with
maltitol, and i find it to be too gross to eat.  the after effects aren't
pleasant either.
there are some other frozen treats that are made with aspartame, which is
much better for me personally than the -ol sweeteners.  unfortunately the
fudgicles are often all sold when i go to the store.
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