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[IP] Control Solution/T Shirt/Sharps

I buy the control solution and only open it if my meter is giving me screwy 
results. I go through 12 or more vials a month and usually find using the 
solution is just a waste of strips - although admittedly using the control 
solution (70 tests for Fast Take) wouldn't be all that problematic.  Since 
it does expire rapidly once opened I could easily use it.  Mostly it just 
seems like one more diabetic thing to do.

I do use a sharps container, if it gets crushed somewhere along the line and 
there are complaints about medical waste then maybe the state will come up 
with a plan.  I will check with the hospitals.

Oh yeah, T shirts.  Rather than sexual insinuations I would prefer a more 
direct insulin pumping message and I definitely think the oil derrick and 
website should be included.  How Sweet It Is...

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