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[IP] The beat goes on

I went to my nurse practicioner yesterday.  To get things off to a good
start, I informed her the God had spoken to me and said that by my faith
alone would I be cured of diabetes and that I intend to cast down all my
medications and pray.

Her head actually hit the table!!!  Then we got to talking seriously.  I had
my "Pumping Insulin" book with me and said that according to the book I
still needed some work to be really ready for a pump.  She would like for me
to get my average BGs down to 160 (from 300) before I see an endo about a
pump.  Smelling a rat, I  told her I could work on it, but I didn't want to
hear, "You're doing so well on your MDI that you don't need a pump."  She
agreed not to do that.

Then we got to diet.  Both she and PI agree that a diet of 40% carbs is
ideal.  I'm still not completly sold on this idea.   I keep hearing that
protein is hard on kidneys.  I have accute renal failure and my nephrologist
(who is a vegetarian) has told me that if I prefer to eat meat then this is
fine.  However, I do see the rationale behind allowing your bolus to do it's
work instead of contending with the slower process of working with protein
conversion.  But, I am thinking that a square wave bolus might cover that.

We got to talking about milk products.  I can drink it without problems, I
just don't ordinarily do it.  She recommended that  I try fat free, sugar
free ice cream.  Then added, "if it tastes good, you probably shouldn't be
eating it."

We finished off with a discussion of coffee.  Her interpretation was that
black coffee had no calories.  When I pointed out that the caffeine could
stimulate the adrenal glands to produce cortisol her solution was to go
De-caffe.  The plan was 1/4 decaffe, 1/2 decaffe, etc.

I even went out and bought decaffe coffee!!!!  Later on last night I got to
thinking.  This is not why I want to pump.  I want to pump and bolus for the
coffe I've been drinking for over 30 years!

On a bright note I got an A1C, and a C-peptide (my first ever).  I've got a
hunch the A1C is between 11 - 12 and my C-Peptide (don't know the values or
normal limits here) will be high enough to kill a healthy horse.   I managed
to get a switch in my insulin from Regular to Humalog.

The beat goes on!

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