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[IP] Re: question for the veterans.

>>>how long were you doing urine strip testing for??  (yrs) and how accurate
do you think this test was in telling you a reading of your glucose levels..

 after all this time, have you developed any complications?

    other veterans can answer this same question if you feel like it...im
just really curious how ya'll coped...>>>

Urine strip testing - that was a *new* invention about 40 years ago - before
that it was (for me) the Clinitest set. I couldn't believe for my 50th
anniversary BASH that Bayer sent me a brand new kit - they're still making
those??!!! We had a test tube and medicine dropper, put 5 drops of urine &
10 drops of water in, dropped in a reagent tablet and watched the thing boil
up. The tube got very HOT! The *settled* color was the determination of
sugar in the urine. It was a bother and who likes wet hands? I didn't do
them very often - why waste the tablets when it would turn out orange

The results depended on the the individual's renal threshold - some people
spill sugar at different levels than others. Keep in mind (we didn't know
back then) that what was in the urine was about 4 hours old. We had to
*void* first, drink water, then test a half hr later after working up more
pee. This, supposedly, made it a *fresh* test. There's still that renal
threshold thingy to consider.

The way we coped? Well, we had a blood test at the lab or dr's office once
every 1 - 3 months. That told us our control. That wasn't an A1c either
since those didn't come about 'til in the mid '80s.

We didn't know and didn't know we didn't know. One shot a day of mixed
insulins was supposed to meet our requirements.

I believe that complications mostly are a result of the luck of the gene
pool. I have had 6 eye surgeries, hypothyroidism, hypertension,
endometriosis, frozen shoulder, neuropathy, and now on dialysis.

PTL, I have excellent vision after being blind twice for a total of about a
year, thyroid med controls that deficiency, hysterectomy, shoulder is well
after 2 yrs healing yrs ago and better BG control, neuropathy much much
better after good BG control - don't like the dialysis but am feeling better
than I have in years.

I have a friend who has had DM 67 yrs, as well as her identical twin sister.
They were well controlled - as far as avaliable tests were concerned - cuz
they'd tell on each other if they ate off the diet. Today (they're 72) my
friend has had the microvessels in her legs shut down and DM cataracts
removed. She had bypass surgery to her legs to provide more blood and was
hospitalized for about 3 months two yrs ago. Not sure of any other things
and is doing well now. Her twin is mostly blind, double amputee, and on

\(/ Jan (63 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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The best thing about the good ol' days: there gone!
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