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Re: [IP] paradigm pump

>Has anyone had a problem with the pump shutting down with a 'no power' 
>message without any warning?  This has happened to me twice in the >last three 
>weeks.  I e-mailed MM and am waiting for a response.  Other than that >I really like the new pump.  I was able to do the free upgrade from my >508.

I had this happen a couple of times to me as well. 
I was more than a little worried.
I called MiniMed & a nice Rep said it was due to the batteries not having enough power to cause the low Battery Alarm.
I purchased a new package of batteries and have not had this problem since.
I also agree with MiniMed, I've had the best luck with EverReady Energizers.

Good Luck
John & his Paradigm Pump

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